Products and Services

 Confused about Investments and Insurance? At Bucks Consulting Group, we provide assistance in the following areas by providing the best solutions to your financial concerns:

Financial Services

  • College Plans                                  
  • Estate Preservation
  • 401 (k)'s
  • 403 (b)'s


These are some of the firms that we work with to help you with your financial concerns.


                                                           • Annuities

• Allianz                                              • Variable Annuities

• Franklin Templeton                        • Traditional IRA

• Lincoln Financial                            • Roth IRA

  Pimco                                               • SEP IRA

          • Simple IRA

          • Asset based Long Term Care




                           • Life Insurance   

                           • Long Term Care Insurance    

                           • Disability Insurance             

                                    • Medi Supp Insurance